Program for foreign customers

Regarding requests for factory tours

Reservations for our factory tour program are by reservation only (fees apply).
Our representative will serve as your guide and will provide you with a detailed chronological explanation of the region’s natural environment, which has changed along with the history of the region and the towel industry, and the evolution process of our towel production.

Our towel manufacturing has been recognized as a new era of “manufacturing”, winning the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 19th Japan Water Prize in 2017, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 7th Monodzukuri Japan Awards in 2018. Because of this position, it is attracting attention as a “manufacturing” that is consistent with the current direction of SDGs and GX (green transformation). The biggest feature is that we have built an integrated towel manufacturing process that uses organic cotton grown in the Republic of Uganda as the main raw material, and have contributed to the building of friendly relations between Uganda and Japan through our manufacturing. I can list it.In addition, one of the major reasons for attracting attention is that in an area without sewage systems (Kaminogo, Izumisano City), we have created a “thoroughly environmentally conscious system” built on the premise of coexistence with nature through ingenuity in towel manufacturing. It has become. During the factory tour, you will experience “Nature Towel Factory,” a new era towel factory that has been built based on the bonds of peace that connect countries and respect for the local nature (ecosystem) that our company has created, and the ideals suitable for a new era. We hope that you can experience the site where “manufacturing” is carried out.

This program requires participants to be accompanied by an interpreter.

① Factory tour only plan
・Cost: 4,400 yen (tax included)/1 person (interpreter free)
・Number of participants: Upper limit 40 people, Lower limit 10 people
・ Time required: Approximately 90 to 120 minutes

② Factory tour + Japanese culture experience plan (You can enjoy lunch (catered boxed lunch) while looking out at the Japanese garden at the Japanese house of our founder’s family.)
・Cost: 11,000 yen (tax included)
1 person (For lunch, we will prepare the caterer’s special “Makunouchi bento” + Japanese tea (in a plastic bottle) or water.)
・Number of participants: Upper limit 20 people, Lower limit 5 people
・Interpreter fee is 4,400 yen/person (if meals are required)
・Time required: Approximately 180 minutes to 240 minutes (approximately 3 hours to 4 hours)

※This plan requires reservations at least one month in advance as it takes time to prepare. note that.

*During the factory tour, the factory will be completely shut down and we will welcome and guide you in a museum-like condition.
*As a general rule, taking photos with video cameras, digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets is prohibited during factory tours. The guide will show you where you can take photos.

Contact information for reservation requests
Please apply to the email address below.
Items to be included when applying
1. Organization name
2. Representative
3. Contact information (telephone number)
4. Application program name
5. Desired date and time, number of people
6. Others ,Question matters